4/365 – My 18th century silhouette

4/365 - My 18th century silhouette

Hum, let me explain this picture. As you may know, I’ve started my new photography school last week. On of my classes is called “Photo technologies”. The goal of this class is to understand the different ways of producing an analog photograph. We’re going to do tin plate photography, building a pinhole camera and many other things!
We did that in our first class. Before photography existed, Silhouettes gave to people the most exact way to see themselves at an instant. It is really weird to see my profile, I’ve never seen it before. My first reaction was: my head is so big and round, and I look like a child. When my husband saw it, he told me that he recognized me instantly and that it was really accurate.
Funny how we see ourselves is different than the other people saw us!



About Aurélie

Hi! I am a French food photographer that lives in Edinburgh.
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