2/365 – My parents

2/365 - My parents

Today, I’m feeling analog! 🙂 This tree pictures were taken a month ago in Paris. These are my parents in the metro. I really like them, mostly because they haven’t forgotten their inner child.
I offered a deep sensor cleaning at my camera, I’ll have it back tomorrow, that’s why I posted “old” pictures. These are taken with a Canon EF, a friend found this beauty in his attic and gave it to me. It has 5 lenses 17mm, 28mm f3.5, 55mm f1.2 (???), 100mm f2.5 and 135mm f3.5. They are in perfect condition, I’m so glad he gave them to me, I love analog photography and the quality is waaaayyyy better than my lomo fisheye! 🙂

Concerning my class, oh gosh, there so much to say! Long story short: I love it! 😀 I’m so excited, and every day I’m looking forward to learn new things!


About Aurélie

Hi! I am a French food photographer that lives in Edinburgh.
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