Expérimentation sur la place des arts.


About Aurélie

Hi! I am a French food photographer that lives in Edinburgh.
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5 Responses to 28/366

  1. loopingf says:

    merci pour l’ajout sur flickr , et j’aodre cette photo !! belle realisation !!!!!! à poster sur flickr lol


  2. sophiakhmil says:

    Bonjour! Small world, I’m a Dawson photo student as well…:)
    I’ve considered the “one picture a day” thing many times, but never got around to doing it. Your photos are lovely!

    • Aurélie says:

      OH wooow! I’ve just discovered that by reading your blog and I was commenting one of your post, but you were faster than me! 🙂 You’re right it is a small world! You’re in your last year, right? Hope to see you soon in the Dawson’s corridors! 🙂

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